Jack Enea

Recently, I read a book about chasing one's dreams. The author encourages his reader numerous times to not give up. He also warns of the "dream stealers" or those who, perhaps with good intentions but maybe not, attempt to talk you out of your dreams. In the end, as always, it's up to the individual to choose. After many years, failed attempts and, at times, "dream stealers" in my way, I finally decided to chase my dream. That being to sing, play guitar and perform songs that I love [and sometimes wrote] to a receptive audience.

In my journey, as a soloist performer, with a band, or as part of a choir, I've discovered that one of my favorite audiences or groups are our wonderful seniors. The selections for my newest album, "Sing-Along With Jack", are a sampling of the songs that I not only perform, but where the audience joins me. Most rewarding is that many of these "experienced" individuals, who struggle with remembering, seem to know the words to most if not all of these songs.  

What's your dream? Is the Good Lord working in your heart like he did mine and so many others? My path eventually led to where I am today. Where will your path lead you? We've obviously met! Perhaps for a good reason. Maybe these are the songs that will not only uplift you but those you share them with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to hear your comments [constructive feedback]. Thank you also for allowing me to be a part of your life!


Jack Enea